The Sciences and environments doctoral school is led by a director, managed by an administrative office, and assisted by a council that includes doctoral candidates representatives.

The DS council

In accordance with the Decree of May 25, 2016 and the statutes of the doctoral school, the council comprises 16 members: 10 representatives from the research units and institutions, including the unit directors, the DS Director, and two BIATSS representatives (librarians, engineers, administrative staff, technicians, and health care providers), one of whom is the manager of the doctoral school; 3 sets of doctoral candidate representatives who are elected each year (in permanent-substitute pairs); and 3 outside members.

 The council

  • deliberates on all issues related to the doctoral school, such as thesis subjects proposed for the competitive examination, the distribution of earmarked research grants, and organization of the merit-based competition,
  • makes decisions regarding authorizations to register for Accreditation to Supervise Research (HDR) and Authorization to Supervise a Thesis (ADT),
  • provides support for doctoral candidate training,
  • conducts a yearly appraisal of the use of the doctoral school's resources and the allocation of doctoral contracts,
  • Examines requests for re-enrolment waivers in the 4th year and beyond.

Composition of the DS council

Updated on 20/09/2022

The Sciences and environments doctoral school


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