Because "to teach is to learn twice", one of the pillars of the doctoral training program is providing doctoral candidates with teaching experience.

Panneau de la grotte de Cussac. Gravettien, 28-29 000 calBP © Aujoulat et Jaubert Panneau de la grotte de Cussac. Gravettien, 28-29 000 calBP © Aujoulat et Jaubert

Teaching experience is a form of training that is not just useful for those planning a career as professors, but it is most relevant to them.

This experience can therefore be counted as part of the recommended training hours during the PhD program for a maximum of 30 teaching hours performed.

Complementary teaching assignment.

Doctoral candidates with a doctoral contract (decree 2009-464 of April 29 2009), can perform a maximum of 64 teaching hours if they have a complementary teaching assignment that remunerates this work in addition to their main research activity.

At the University of Bordeaux, on July 1 2014, for a MHERI doctoral contract, this complementary teaching assignment provided additional pay of €339.77 gross per month, increasing gross monthly pay for a level 2 doctoral contract to €2024.70.

Note: this type of assignment can be performed outside of the institution as long as it is associated with the contract and subject to an agreement with the host institution. Before committing to such an assignment, all the deadlines for the administrative procedures must be taken into account.

Complementary teaching assignments are not automatically awarded by simple request. They depend on the budgets and teaching needs of the university's component units as part of an annual campaign.

The campaign to allocate complementary teaching assignments is organized at the university level. The allocation process begins in spring, with the component units selecting candidates in the beginning of July to ensure that recruited doctoral candidates can begin teaching in September.

Applications must be collected and decided upon by the affiliated doctoral schools, then sent on to the college of doctoral schools, which will then distribute them among the university's teaching units. For our doctoral school, this applies mostly to the Earth and Environmental Sciences UF (Training Unit) and the Biology UF in the College of Science and Technology, but other University of Bordeaux units such as the IUT, ISVV or even other schools such as the University of Bordeaux Montaigne and Bordeaux Sciences Agro may also have teaching assignments.

The Sciences and environments doctoral school prioritizes applications from doctoral candidates registered in their first or second year.

Replacements assignments

Doctoral candidates with funding other than a doctoral contract (decree 2008-464 of April 29 2009) can take replacement teaching assignments.

This procedure is simpler because it just involves sending a request for a replacement assignment to the component unit that is recruiting a temporary lecturer. Since procedures and timelines depend on the teaching institutions, we recommend contacting the heads of these institutions directly to learn about the exact application process.

Updated on 08/04/2020