Thesis defense

Authorization to defend a thesis is granted by the President of the University of Bordeaux, based on the opinion of the doctoral school director, following the suggestion of the thesis supervisor.

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The candidate's work must have been previously evaluated by at least two examiners who are accredited to supervise research and are external to the University of Bordeaux, the doctoral school, and any institution having agreements with the University of Bordeaux. The external examiners should not have published any work the doctoral candidate.

The external examiners will offer their assessment in written reports that the President of the University of Bordeaux will consult to determine whether or not to authorize the defense, based on the opinion of the director of the doctoral school. These reports are sent to the jury and the candidate prior to the defense.

As part of their deliberations, the jury will evaluate the quality of the candidate's work, his/her ability to situate it in a scientific context, and his/her ability to effectively present the research.

After deliberation, the jury will decide whether or not they accept the thesis.

The thesis supervisor participates in the jury but cannot take part in the deliberations or the decision.

Candidates who obtain the national doctoral degree are awarded a Doctor of Philosophy.

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