At the University of Bordeaux, request for authorization to apply for the HDR, as well as defense authorizations are approved by the select Academic Council (CAC).

The doctoral school is mandated by the President of the University to examine applications within its scientific disciplines (see thesis specializations). It sends its recommendations to the Select CAC, according to a timeline established in the beginning of the academic year.


The doctoral school's criteria for authorizing the application for the HDR


The applicant must have published around 10 articles (around 15 for researchers) in international peer review journals recognized either by the candidate's CNU (National Council of Universities) section or the CNRS national committee. Book chapters (and of course books) can be equated to articles in scientific journals, if they are recognized by the discipline, as is the case in the SHS (Department of Social Science). (See the HCERES list of journals for Anthropology- Ethnology, History - Art History - Archaeology, History and Philosophy of Science).

These publications will also be evaluated according to their quality, the journal's impact factor, and the candidate's involvement (evaluated according to their position in the list of authors: first, second, and last author are the main positions). Certain CNU sections only view journals as tier 1 if the impact factor is above a specific level (e.g. IF> 1.2 for section 67). Ideally, most of these publications should have occurred following completion of the doctoral thesis.


The applicant should have co-supervised at least one thesis that has already been defended.
It is also recommended that the applicant have published work with their doctoral candidate, except in disciplines where doctoral candidates are generally single authors, such as Epistemology and the History of Science.

The applicant is requested to provide a certificate of attendance to the supervision of doctoral students training proposed by University of Bordeaux.

Leading and funding research

The candidate should also have demonstrated their ability to conduct and fund their research, with a minimum level of recognized leadership in research projects.

Updated on 02/09/2022

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