Joint supervision

This program allows students to bring an international perspective to their doctoral studies while encouraging the acquisition of new skills.

Joint PhDs promote the mobility of doctoral candidates by developing scientific collaborations between French and foreign research teams.

Doctoral candidates participating in a joint supervision arrangement must work under the supervision of a thesis supervisor in each of the countries involved.

Each jointly supervised thesis must fall under a joint supervision agreement between the two institutions, one of which must be in France. Doctoral candidates must comply with the rules and procedures of the French doctoral program and the partner country’s doctoral program.

Both universities must recognize the validity of the joint supervision arrangement and the diploma that is awarded ("Docteur" in France and PhD or equivalent for the foreign university).

More information is available on the University of Bordeaux Graduate Research School website.

Contact: Stéphanie Danaux
              Project Manager for joint supervision arrangements

Updated on 08/04/2020